~✨~ The Big Picture ~✨~ (Question to Make You Think – What Would Be Your Answer?) Brand New Series

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How should one live life?

Could you answer that question

in one or two sentences?


Authors, Kathryn and Ross Petras of “Dance Now.  Think Later” were watching David Letterman one evening.  David Letterman had rocker guest Warren Zevon – who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 55 years old.  David asked Warren, what had he learned about life and death.

Warren simply replied, “Enjoy every sandwich.”  

Kathryn and Ross Petras thought of this as such a light-hearted and refreshing thought to a complex question that in turn gave them an idea after much thought.  They decided to compile a book of quotes written by philosophers, actors, scientist, educators, writers, and the list goes on.  

They created “Dance Now. Think Later.” – 618 Rules to live by.  Now, if you read my blog, you already know that I am a freak of nature when it comes to reading and writing quotes, even my own.

Starting this evening, I am going to write the following rule #1 and continue this daily as my new series, “The Big Picture”  I may pluck out of order, or even add a couple at a time.  You can never tell what I’m going to do from one day to the next.  But in the meantime, let’s start, shall we?

Rule #1

The first and great commandment is:

Don’t let them scare you.

~ Elmer Davis ~  Writer


Now, back to the question in the very beginning.  How would you answer it in one or two sentences, I’m curious?  I would love to hear what your thoughts are, so please make sure you add them in the comment section of this post.  I would love to be able to share them with other bloggers only if you allow me to.

Thank you for reading.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie ✨





  1. I personally think everyone should live their lives with what brings them the most joy. No one should ever be judged on how they choose to live. I think people are often judged based on their color, race, sexual orientation and or religious beliefs. I think that is SO wrong! People need to do what makes them happy, as long as it is not causing any harm to anyone else.
    Okay, so I went a little too deep and long winded into this! Sorry about that!! I might be a little too passionate about some things!

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  2. Pursue the most lucrative career you have the ability to do, and can stand to do every day. Make sure it also demands a reasonable time schedule, so you can fill the rest of life with exactly what brings you the deepest joy.

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