G2K – Get 2 Know – Beckie

Hosted by “Revenge of Eve”

G2K is a weekly series to provoke deep thought on behalf of the blogger, allowing the reader to get up close and personal with their favorite bloggers.  Participation is easy!

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  1. Do you have a secret crush? Famous or not?  Not particularly. However, if I had had one, I’ll play along and still answer the questions.
  2. What is the code name? (pet names) That depends on their personality and/or looks sometimes.  When I was married my pet name for my husband was “Yunny”  a mix between honey and yummy.
  3. Are they aware of your crush or existence?  Since there is no one in particular, I’d say probably not.  LOL!
  4. How do you act or feel when they are around?  Well, again, when I was married I was just me… no act required.  I just felt happy, secure and laughed a great deal.  He was my best friend.
  5. Would you pursue a relationship if it were possible?  What holds you back?  If there was a man out there who could make me laugh all the time and be kind to me…  I would have pursued it.  But, I haven’t come across anyone like that in a good long time.  Not to mention, the mere fact that I haven’t been out there in the field looking either.  That might have something to do with it.  🙂







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