REBLOG: Come to join in the fun of G2K by “Revenge of Eve” Get to Know your fellow bloggers better. 🙂


is a weekly series intended to provoke deep thought, on behalf of the blogger, allowing the reader to get up close and personal with their favorite bloggers.  Participation is easy!

To participate:

Create a pingback to this post

Create a post answering the questions titled G2K

Use the hashtag #g2k

Answer the questions honestly

Use the feature image

  1. Do you have a secret crush? Famous or not
  2. What is their code name? (pet name)
  3. Are they aware of your crush or existence?
  4. How do you act or feel when they are around?
  5. Would you pursue a relationship if it were possible?  What holds you back?

My answers

  1. Ironically I have no answers to this week’s series because I have no secret crush, not even a famous one.  But I will pretend for the sake of answering the questions.  **These responses are false and exaggerated
  2. His code name is BC…

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