~🤗~ Repeat After Me ~🤗~

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Hello, All!  We all need a little pick me up, and I came across this wonderful affirmation for everyone.  I myself will not be repeating that I’m sexy because I’m the furthest thing from that.  LOL!  Just remember that you are fantastic!

Take Care & God BLess,

Beckie 🤗


  1. I once wrote similar words in a JPEG and made it the desktop background on a colleagues PC whilst they were away from their desk. She seriously struggled with confidence and self affirmation, everyday for a year she read those words. By the end of the year she was a different person and began to climb the ladder professionally, let alone the growth in confidence as an amazing person.

    To this day, she still doesn’t know who wrote those words but that doesn’t really matter – the transformation is what truly matters.

    Thanks Beckie for sparking that memory.

    – Luke


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  2. I think this is excellent, l too have written something like Luke wrote above, however l wrote it for Suze. She is post menopausal and her confidence slumped terribly during the menopause and l wrote her a poem, which highlighted all her positive points and theat she shouldn’t keep knocking herself down like she was.

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        • Listen, I lived with a narcissistic a-hole during the time I was menopausal, and it was the most horrible time. It was also before I learned that I had mental disorders. It’s so refreshing to hear that a man (like yourself) be so supportive and loving. You’re the best! 🙂

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          • Thanks Beckie – thankfully and luckily Suze feels the same 🙂 Her ex – saw and witnessed her during menopause, we got together when she was coming out and she went into Post menopause, so l never really saw the darker side to it that her ex saw – but she says he deserved her behaviour at that time.

            I saw the terrible effect HRT had on her when she briefly went on it last year, and it was a pretty scary time. She was only on it for a short while, but came off it after six months, they were the hardest six months of our relationship and it nearly broke us.

            It didn’t because l loved her and l do love her – it is hard at times because the woman l adore has changed, not as terribly as she believes she has, but everybody changes, and that’s what l keep telling her.

            I read everything on menopause because l wanted to understand as best l could what she was experiencing. I read how l should react, but after a while l threw that out and simply said ‘You are the woman l love, you have to put up with my Asperger’s, and your menopause is at times no different to my quirks, whether you like it or not – you’re the only one for me, so you are stuck with me! LOL

            She’s slowly coming back, but she is coming back as a terrific woman and l am proud to know her and thrilled everytime she looks at me and smiles.

            What l have learned is simple, love isn’t just sharing the wet patch, it’s sharing everything, the good, the bad and the not so good.


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            • And… This is why you’re an outstanding man! You both are so lucky to have found one another and understand one another.
              When I was engaged to my ex, I thought he understood what vows meant, he had been married twice before me. I learned the hard way that he didn’t believe in for “Health & sickness” – He didn’t even try to understand no matter how many people said he should read and look things up. When my depression got worse and I was suicidal, he actually said he didn’t care if I died. This coming from someone that asked me to marry him only three years before. I count my blessings every day that I am no longer with him.
              What you and Suze have is something that I truly admire in couples. A true love through the thick and thin of everything that comes your way. God Bless you both. 🙂

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