~*~ 😥 Tuckered Out Tuesday 😥 ~*~

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Hello, My Friends…  How are you today?  

I’m hoping to keep this post short, is that I am exhausted today.  The heat index for today is 108.  Suffice to say, in a car with no A/C, I had a river of sweat flowing between my boobs.  NOT PLEASANT! 😦

My day started at 7am, fed the dogs, gave Jack his medication, then went online to confirm my SSDI being applied to my account.  After the confirmation was done, it came time to pay bills.  One of which is my mother’s internet service.  This already set the mood for the day.  An increase of $17 for international movies.  It’s an internet service, not cable!  To say the least, I’m waiting on my mother forwarding the invoice to me so I can blast the shit out of them.  It wouldn’t be the first time I have had words with her internet provider and I’m sure it won’t be the last. 🤬 

I had to help my mother with something that needed to be sent overnight.  I won’t go into details about this, because there are eyes that read this blog, then a feud begins.  To say the least… That was an additional cost.  Ran to the bank to take the money out for rent, went home to feed the cat, bird, and fish, then off to see my psychiatrist and billing department.  “Sliding scale my butt!”  It’s not an $8 charge for each visit, it’s more like a $20 charge for each visit, not to mention I learned that I had a balance from the last two visits back in March.  I was at least able to make payment arrangements, but I was already hearing the cash register in my head sounding off “Cha-Ching!”  🤑

Thank goodness for prescription discount cards.  I only picked up two of the medications that I was in need of, the other two are going to have to wait.  At least I still have some left to carry me for a week or so.  The doctor was horrified over the fact that Medicaid just dropped me like a bad habit, and got on the horn with Social Services to tell them I would be in contact with them to reinstate my insurance benefits.  This was the only good thing today.  So, come next Monday, I’ll be paying a visit to Social Services to straighten this mess up.

This was such an expensively miserable and hot day, that all I have on my mind at the present moment is taking a nap.  The heat really took a toll on me.  My knees and back are shot to hell, and the only thing I can take for that is Ibuprofen.  

I did at least get home before we got hit with a thunderstorm.  So, I at least don’t have to water the plants later this evening.  Okay, so another good part of the day.  🙂

Okay…  It is time for me to try and unwind and take a little nap.  I think I deserve it after all the running around and aggravation I have been through today.  I will catch up with reading the “Reader” when I feel a little calmer and rested.

Sorry for the rant, but I really just needed to blow off some steam.  Thank you, in advance for understanding.  🙂

Take Care & God Bless!



  1. What a horrible day😩 and ridiculous heat on top… 🐂💩
    My SSDI comes on the 3rd also. I love little coincidences❣
    I’m glad you get to relax for a while before you have to do the whole thing over again tomorrow. Hopefully it will be cooler🙏🍀
    You deserve more of your favorite hot dogs!!🌻💌

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    • Aww, thank you. I might just pick up more dogs tomorrow. Today, I just wanted to get back to the A/C and take a nap. We had a good storm, so I didn’t have to water the plants this evening. I’m simply gonna go to bed very early tonight so I have the energy to tackle tomorrow. Have a very good evening! Night, night. 🙂

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