G2K – Get 2 Know – Beckie

“Revenge of Eve” started this series of questions giving readers insight into their favorite blogger’s personal life.


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  1. Do you have any known enemies/frienemies?  To be honest, I really don’t know.  LOL!  I mean back in school I had a really good group of friends, one, in particular, I was very close to.  But, after we had each gotten married, our husbands did not get along, and our friendship faded away to nothing.
  2. How long has this feud been going on?  Well, back then it lasted for over a year.  Then when I was moving from New Jersey to Long Island, NY, we never spoke for at least 15 years.  That wasn’t until “Classmates” came on, where you could look up the people you went to school with and reconnect.
  3. What is the reason behind this failed relationship?  Her husband was very sarcastic and rude to my husband, and I stated to them both that I wasn’t going to put up with his bullshit and showed them both the front door.  My husband didn’t deserve being treated disrespectfully.
  4. Will this mend itself with time, or will it require work?  This happened close to 30 years ago, and when she contacted me on “Classmates” back in 1997, I still wasn’t interested in the very least.
  5. Are you willing to put the effort to save this relationship or just drop the feud?  Why or Why not?  Too many years ago, and we live different lives now.  Again, I would never have an interest in rejuvenating a friendship that was 30 years ago.




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