Sunday Evening (First Day Done) 🤗

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Today was hotter than a bulls balls!  Oh, My Gawd!!!

So, I’ve survived the first-day puppy sitting my roommate’s dog, Pinky who is 2 & 1/2 years old pitbull mix, and her sister’s dog,  Jack, who is a black lab with whom is turning 14 years old this upcoming Tuesday.  I so wish they could have been able to play together outside today, but it reached 104 degrees here.  These poor pups were so bored with Aunt Beckie’s antics, that we all gave up, and sat on the couch.

While sitting on the couch, I was having operating difficulties with the Wifi, and connections.  I wasn’t able to post anything, and even a reblog came out half fast.  I started to lose my patience but then decided that wasn’t going to help anything.  So, I just took the laptop back into the dining room, and “WALA!” it now works.  I guess my laptop doesn’t like the couch.  Who the hell knows.  I’m just happy I have lift off once again.

After I finished feeding the dogs and giving Jack his medication, I then watered the plants and took the garbage to the curb.  I then treated myself and went to one of my favorite food places here in Middlesex, NJ, called “Texas Weiners” – Let me tell you what a true treat that was!  I even ordered extra so I could have them again tomorrow.  LOL!  I know, I’m pathetic, but it’s the little things that make me happy.

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be in the double digits again, “Oh, Joy!” – Have to drive back home feed the cat, take care of my bird Peanut and clean out the fishbowl.  Then, take care of a few other things before coming back here to take care of the dogs.  Plus repeat everything else over again every day this week.  I truly don’t mind doing this at all, I just wish like hell that I had air conditioning in the damn car.

Well, that was my day.  I certainly hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and if you are part of a heat wave…  I feel your pain.  🙂  Have a great rest of Sunday and a great beginning to the week!

Take Care & God Bless!




  1. Haha, here today is colder than a monkey’s brass balls dangling in the snow, “Zero”. Your seem to be doing a lovely job Beckie, and enjoying yourself despite the heat……..

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  2. Hah; yeah I know how that is. I live in Texas – every day of summer is that way. And people wonder why I wear “Davy” Dukes (a term I kind of coined as a male equivalent of Daisy Dukes – yes, so sue me, it’s hot!).

    Anyway, dog sitting. Yeah, I have dogs myself so I know how that is. They go crazy cooped up but it’s too damn hot. If only they knew it was for their own good.

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    • I like that… “Davy Dukes” – Very cute! I know I’m responding later, but they were able to spread out a little this morning before it became too oppressive to wander around later. It’s gonna be a long week for these pups if they can’t get out more than twice daily. 🙂


  3. Another great post Beckie! I know this heat we are suffering with is insane and really is brutal to deal with! I just wish it could be around the 70’s year round! I really hate to read you have to not only fight through the the very cruel heat, but damn without air conditioning must be tragic! I do believe I would not be able to leave my house until fall!! I hope you are only going out in this heat in the early mornings before the heat gets out of control or in the evenings! I hope you have a great week!!

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