Self-Love Challenge Day 31:

REBLOG: Can we show some kindness towards a fellow blogger “Ease The Ride” – Going through some challenges and could use all of our support! 🙂

Ease The Ride


Well, here we are. The end of the self-love challenge. I began this in January and now half a year later it is finally complete.

This is going to be a very short and simple one. Unfortunately, I am again in a really bad and difficult place. I am having extreme suicidal thoughts that are consuming me. I wish that these episodes weren’t so close together lately, but every few days I tend to get swept up in the storm again.

In this moment, I don’t love myself very much. My disorders are doing all the talking right now. In fact, every time I start to feel even marginally better, the minions take over by reminding me of all the reasons I deserve to only feel like shit.  No, you must not smile or be happy. You are not allowed when you still don’t have a job or a relationship…

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