~*~ 🎼 Fri-YAY Frolic Time! 🎼 ~*~ (Bloggers Music Video Request)

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Hi, All!Β  Happy Fri-Yay to each and every one of you!

We made it!Β  It’s Friday the beginning of the weekend, and you know what that means…Β  Blogger’s music video request time.Β  This is a fun way to learn what other blogger’s music taste are, and what everyone loves to listen to.Β Β 

King Ben’s Grandma’s request – B-52’s “Love Shack”

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Therapy Bits request – Madonna’s “Holiday”

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Ivor20 request – David Bowie’s “Her

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One of my favorite’s – Fleetwood Mac’s – “Gypsy”


Each Fri-Yay, I will be your personal DJ and play whatever you request.Β  What are your favorite tunes?

Please enter your request in the comment section,Β Like,Β andΒ Reblog!

Have a fantastic weekend Folks!Β  I look forward to your request!

Beckie 🎼


20 thoughts on “~*~ 🎼 Fri-YAY Frolic Time! 🎼 ~*~ (Bloggers Music Video Request)

Add yours

  1. Hey there, I come by way of King Ben’s Grandma.

    For me, anything by Tears for Fears will do, but since it’s a brand new song by them that not many are familiar with, I shall request β€œI Love You But I’m Lost.”

    Anyway, thanks for doing this fun stuff and after reading your about me section I think I shall follow!

    -Lynn Blair, β€œThe Inked Autist”

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