Should mental illness be used to explain bad behaviour?

REBLOG: Ashley from “Mental Health @ Home” wrote this very interesting post that I thought I’d share with you fine folks. I’m curious about what your thoughts are pertaining to this intriguing post.

Mental Health @ Home

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When people see and hear statements or actions by others that seem to make no sense or are morally abhorrent, all too often mental illness is tossed around as a possible explanation.  Take mass shootings, for example.  For someone to do something like that, they must have something wrong in their heads, they must be disconnected from reality, they must have mental illness, right?  Yeah not so much.  Yet far too many people don’t understand this.  I even remember speaking to a fellow mental health nurse several years ago who thought mass killers must be psychotic to do something so unimaginable.  If even someone that works in mental health is that misinformed, is it any surprise that the average idiot out there in the world doesn’t get it?  I’ll warn you right now, this post is perhaps not the most cohesive; instead it touches on a variety of unpalatable subsets…

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10 thoughts on “Should mental illness be used to explain bad behaviour?

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  1. This is to normal for the society to use as explanations for bad things that people do. Like you said they either psychotic or had a rough childhood and so on. What I often experience myself Is that ppl with mental illness use their diagnoses as exude to treat others bad or being just “crazy” in their own way. Just because you feel bad, doesn’t make you a person without knowledge between right and wrong. Sure we have the really sick people who have no control.

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