“G2K” – Get 2 Know – Beckie

“Revenge of Eve” post a series of questions intended to bring the reader closer to their favorite bloggers.

How to participate:

Create a post and title G2K

Use the tag #g2k

Create a pingback to this post to notify your participation

Answer questions honestly



  1. How would you say others perceive you?  Confident or Insecure?  I actually have no idea, I think if I had to guess they would think I’m confident.
  2. Are you confident or insecure?  It truly depends on the situation at hand.  In my personal life, I feel insecure a majority of the time.  
  3. If your answer to 1 & 2 is opposite, define your behaviors that make this so.  I can usually handle problems first hand without blinking an eye, but after the dust has settled and my mind has time to process what I just did, I experience anxiety soon after.  I’ve been this way since I was a kid.
  4. Who do you attribute your confidence or low self-esteem to?  I always associated my low self-esteem and confidence level with my father.  But, that being said, I can’t always use the blame game card.  These are issues I have been working on for some time now, and it’s slowly improving.
  5. Write them a note in 20 words or less expressing your gratitude or feelings of injustice.  Dad, I always felt like a failure in your eyes, and that you looked down on me.  RIP.





  1. I think it is interesting that us women look to our dad to build or destroy or confidence. I am grateful to my daughter’s father for making her believe she is the world’s most beautiful and she will tell you that too, lol. I asked that question not to place blame but to see if there are any commonalities among women seeking approval for confidence. I should’ve worded it different. Not many men participate in g2k but I wonder if they look to their mothers. hmmm. Thank you for participating.

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