Mission Complete!!! YAY!!!

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Hello, My Dear Friends!  Hope this post finds you all well on this fine Sunday afternoon, (Or, where ever and what time of the day it is in your part of the world).

If you have been following my dreaded story about conquering the dreaded closet, and the changing of seasonal clothes, You are probably as sick of it as I am… But, can proudly announce, “The Fucking Mission Is Completed!!!!”  

Gig of Joy Time!!!!

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With a lump on my head and several,  Ibuprofen later, this damn task is finally done.  Then again, so is my back and knees, they are shot to ever-lovin’ hell.  

Luckily, no other items in said closet attacked me, and I was able to strategically get the items back in the storage closet.  All drawers are organized, and the other closet is back to normal.  

Note:  This was a huge thing for me to finally get done because I have been in a massive slump for weeks.  Depression was seriously kicking my buttocks from here to kingdom come, and I just kept putting my responsibilities on the back burner for weeks, which I brought up over the last two weeks of “Working on Me” series.  

Now, that this is finally done and I have a good couple of months of hot weather to contend with until then next time to switch out the seasonal clothes, I am so going to eat a little something and take a much-deserved nap. LOL!

Thanks for sticking with me, and encouraging me to keep going and pushing myself, plus making me laugh through this process.  I greatly appreciate you guys for listening to me bitch about this.  

Take Care & God Bless!


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  1. 🎉✨🎊👏👏 YAY!! It’s done! Now you can open that closet with a well deserved sense of satisfaction.
    I’m lucky enough to live in a climate where we don’t have separate wardrobes. In the winter, I just have to wear my thicker hoodie and ugg boots.😁😎

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