Feel More Grateful Every Single Day

Reblog: “Discovering Your Happiness” shares this very poignant post of filled with nothing but positivity. Helps put life into perspective. 🙂

Discovering Your Happiness

Feel More Grateful Every Single Day

Hello loves, ❤

I think we could all learn to be a little more grateful, myself included. It’s so easy so to go through life focusing on the things we don’t have, whether that’s the impressive career, the smoking hot partner, a tight-knit family, or the shiny finances.

Our psychology is practically geared to make us ungrateful. Here’s a lesson that always stuck with me from an article: studies show that people felt more distress from losing $20 than they did happiness from gaining the same $20. You know what, it makes sense. Feeling our distress strongly (and acting on it) could get us out of danger. But in today’s age, it’s hard to justify our negativity in the same way. Feeling bad about the boy who didn’t text, the job you didn’t get, or the rude lady who cut you off in traffic really doesn’t do you much good…

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