What is… Resilience

REBLOG: I found this post by Ashley “Mental Health @ Home” very interesting. All about resilience. I think it is definitely worth reading. 🙂

Mental Health @ Home

In this series, I will dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychological terms.

This week’s term: Resilience

I used to be at least moderately resilient, but when depression is doing it’s thing I feel like I have no resilience at all, and the slightest little hiccup will knock me on my ass.

Wikipedia defines resilience as an individual’s ability to “successfully cope with adversity” and “bounce back from a negative experience with ‘competent functioning'”.  It is considered a learnable ability that can vary over time rather than a static personality trait.

There are various biological factors that can impact resilience  The sympathetic nervous system is involved in stress reactions including fight/flight/freeze, and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is involved in the release of the stress hormone cortisol.  There is growing evidence that these systems are impacted by factors in the brain including neuropeptide Y.

One study found six major predictors…

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