~*~🐠 Today’s List (Or Lack Thereof) 🐠 ~*~

Hello, My wonderful friends!

If you were following my “Working On Me” series yesterday, you know that I had covered just about everything on my “To Do List” – Well, today I only had two items on that list remaining.

Changing over the Winter clothes to Summer

Cleaning out fishbowl

When I had awakened this morning I had good intentions.  But…  (Yes, there’s a big BUT)…  I opened the closet that holds a suitcase the size of a Volkswagon Bug, and two large boxes of clothes.  I stood there for a good couple of minutes and saying over and over in my head…”Come on girl, you can do it!  It’s the first official day of Summer, and you have to get this done!”  BUT!  My back and knees had other plans for me instead.  Oh, trust me, they had their own choice words for me too.  Like… “Screw this crap!  This shit can be done tomorrow! And, are you out of your F’ing mind to think that we are going to cooperate with you?”  

Now, take a guess which body part won that argument?  You got it!  The knees and back won over my mind and go for it attitude, and you know something?  I was fine with it.

I tackled a lot yesterday and wasn’t going to push my luck with injuring myself further.  Tomorrow is another day.  I cleaned out Baryshnikov’s fishbowl and ended up reading for most of the day.  I ran an errand, came home and made myself a lovely pasta salad for dinner.  As far as I’m concerned,  it was a very productive and relaxing day.

Hey, Barry is pretty satisfied with today as well!

Have a great day and/or evening depending on where you are in the world!

Take Care & God Bless,



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