~🌼~ Working On Me ~🌼~ (Self-Help)

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Hi, All!  Welcome to “Working on Me”  If you are not familiar with this series, it’s because it’s still fairly new.  This is a series based on Self-Help, for not only the issues that I face but to share with you on how I’m doing with certain issues based around mental illness.  My hopes are that by what I write about, it can also help you as well by talking about it, sharing advice, and working on you too.

Each week, I try to work on and/or cope with an issue that is giving me difficulty.  Last week it was “Surviving Slumps”, that feeling of being sluggish, lethargic, and have absolutely no motivation whatsoever.  ‘Well, guess what – I’m still dealing with it big time.’  I’m still overtired, I continue to write lists of “Things to do”, so I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish each thing to do, but even my lists now have dust on them. Now, that is just plain pathetic in my eyes.

This morning, after I woke up and looked at the four lists sitting on my desk.  I just tore them up, threw them away, and grabbed another piece of paper.  I focussed on writing a new plan of attack in order to accomplish getting things done around the house, as well as self-care.  

What does this list include?

Shower, brush my teeth.

Morning Meditation.

Clean out Peanut’s cage (parrot).

Dust and Vacuum bedroom.

Organize desk.

Water plants.

It’s June 20th, and I still have to switch out my Winter clothes for Summer clothes.

Read other blogs, because I have felt so guilty not catching up with that.

Later today…

I will check back with you for part 2 of today’s “Working on Me” and honestly tell you if any of this list was accomplished.  This is sort of a test for me, not to mention a way of pushing myself, and motivating myself to break out of this “Slump” that I am still in.

Last week when I wrote about this issue, I know I mentioned that my motivation (or lack thereof) is because of my ongoing depression.  This is part of my little test of tryig to accomplish my list of things to do.  Will I feel a little better once this list is accomplished, or will I still feel the same exact way?  I guess, I will find out by the end of the day, and so will you.

Does anyone who is reading this, suffer from feeling sluggish, non-motivational?  If so, what do you do to break out of it?

Do you think it’s based on procrastination, or an underlying issue such as depression?

I’d love to hear your answers pertaining to this very subject.  Not only would it help me, but it would also assist other readers as well.  Remember, we are here for one another to support and help each other through challenging things, and times.

Okay then, I’m going to close for now and attack my list of things to do.  I’ll check back with all of you later with an update if that list even has a dent in it.  LOL!  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,



22 thoughts on “~🌼~ Working On Me ~🌼~ (Self-Help)

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  1. Minimize your list. Start there. What absolutely NEEDS to be done? Give yourself 3 tasks. Do not create more to be done until those are checked off then instead of adding more, relax. Do something you enjoy.

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  2. This is pretty exactly my struggle right now. I’m “not getting anything done”! I have recently learned how much I dissociate though, and I think a lot of my lack of focus and motivation is related to my not being present…so maybe I will spend some time on grounding and being “here” rather than stressing about undone tasks.

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    1. It’s very true. Grounding ourselves in the present has a lot to do with it. Trust me, I was focussing on the mess creeping around me which leads to my OCD and anxiety kicking into to full throttle.
      However, I am currently taking a small break from my list as I type because my back is just about to give out. But, I’m am still going to push my way through it regardless. 🙂

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  3. It is okay if you make lists, several in fact, and they collect dust. It’s not pathetic. It’s being human. It’s suffering from something that people can’t see, but it truly can become a physical thing. I know the feeling of unmotivated and sluggish way too well. I know for me I find self-kindness when I can acknowledge I’m having a rough day and it is okay, because it can still get better. And if it doesn’t, tomorrow is a whole new day that can be great from the start. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. The mental malaise, for me, is being stuck in a constant state of numbing. I think it’s in always doing the same tasks, then DECIDING to always be doing them as part of self-protection from risk.
    Sometimes my list needs to get thrown out as I head out the door and do something for me -or, added as my reward at the end.

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