~🌼~ (Continuation From Earlier Today) Working On Me ~🌼~

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Hi, Again Friends!  I’m back, and I have got to first Thank those who sent in their comments and even supported me with great advice. A shout out to “What if We All Cared”, “Personal Growth Success Blog”, “Revenge of Eve”, and “Mental Health @ Home.”   I truly appreciate your feedback.  Thank you!

Okay, so I had the “List” of “Things To Do” – 

Shower & brush teeth (check)

Morning meditation (nope) – Will wait until later this evening to do it.

Clean out Peanut’s cage (check)

Dust & Vac Bedroom (check)

Organize desk (check)

Water plants (check)

Change over Winter clothes to Summer (nope) – That can wait until tomorrow when my back is not killing me.

Took some breaks in the action to read other blogs (check) – and will continue after my much-needed nap.

Added to the list of things to do… 

2 Loads of laundry (check)

Rip everything out of the bathroom for a really good cleaning (check)


Well, other than my back saying “F-U” to me, I feel accomplished.  I actually feel more relaxed than before, because my OCD was off the charts for always pushing away from doing my list.  My bed and bathroom are back in their ZEN mode, which in turn will help me with my relaxation.  Did this help my depression?  Eh, I will probably feel better once I take a nap and wake up to the fresh scent of everything that surrounds me.  Heck, even Peanut is thrilled, and he took a bath in his freshly cleaned cage.

What advice helped the most?

All of the advice to be honest.  If I just tackle a few things on my list per day, at least things will eventually be completed.  I shouldn’t have to put so much pressure on myself in order to complete my entire list at once – However, this time around, I really HAD to get these things done.

Tomorrow is another day and the first thing on my new list is switch out the clothes once and for all, plus clean out my fish bowl.  🙂

Thank you again to the bloggers that chimed in with great advice and support.  It really was a group effort.  I love you for that!

Now, I am going to lay down, play solitaire on my phone for a little while, then take a nap.  Hopefully, when I wake up my back won’t be cursing at me.  LOL!

Until next weeks “Working on Me”, I wish you all a great day and a peaceful week!

Take Care & God Bless,




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