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Hello All…

Today, here in the land of New Jersey, USA, we have a heat index of 104.ย  In other words, hot as Hell.ย  I’ve noticed that even in the slightest moment I’m outdoors, even if it’s only in the mid 80’s, I start feeling nausea, and develop migraines along with my skin burning instantaneously.ย  I never used to be this way until I started taking medication for my bipolar, anxiety, and depression.

I’m a bit curious about medications and how does it affect you in the sun and/or heat?ย  What do you do to prevent yourself from becoming ill in the elements?


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  1. Last year I couldn’t tolerate heat at all, I would get breathless and fatigued at any slight exertion. Not sure if it was meds related or not. Hoping I’ll be ok this year!

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  2. Iโ€™ve definitely found links between meds and my reaction to the sun. I suffer from both migraine and cluster headaches and some of the meds Iโ€™ve tried have been horrific with side effects. I truly sympathise because finding that magic combo is a nightmare

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    1. Everyone reacts differently to medication. My friend’s mom struggled a lot with migraines and headaches. She started taking natural health products. And it reduced the frequency of the migraines. Have you considered adding that to your routine?

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      1. Funny you should mention that. I’ve been looking into different vitamins and herbs to help with anxiety and body aches. Since I only started a week ago, I have to give it some time to get into my system.
        If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly does she take for migraines?


  3. Lots of medications have interaction with the head and/or sunlight. I try to stay cool as often as possible. That means I’m inside most of the summer. I’ve bought the cooling scarfs. You soak them in water for 5 minutes and then they stay cool for 4 hours. I use them when I am going to be in a hot situation. I’m saving my last one for a concert I’m going to on the 22 of July. Also make sure to hydrate. I drink a lot and often. But just avoiding heat and sun is my main goal.

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  4. This is very interesting for me Beckie. I live in the UK so am not usually subjected to prolonged high temperature (although we are currently experiencing a record breaking summer) I’ve taken note over recent years that when I go on holiday to hotter climates my Bipolar can act up and it isn’t uncommon for me to have an anxiety attack or mild delusions (I’m Bipolar One) I looked into this and found some stuff on on allergies like hay fever and yes these allergies can aggravate my condition. I also suffer from prickly heat rash when exposed to the sun which is in the same family of allergies as hay fever. So yes it would seem there is a link to harsh sunlight and our conditions. This year on holiday I spent much more time in the shade and experienced no problems with anxiety. Hope that helps. (John)

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  7. Good Afternoon Beckie! We completely understand your concerns about being out in the elements. It is a good thing that you’re asking these questions. To get the best answers for you, use our ONLINE DOCTOR CHAT to discuss which vitamins and medications are safe not only to use together, but also for you well-being.

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