~*~ In A Perfect World ~*~ (Poetry)

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In a perfect world

the poor would have riches

the blind man would see.

The hungry would eat,

and the weak would be strong,

and all God’s children would all get along.

Unfriendly and selfish alike,

would learn how to share,

the thirsty would drink

and the deaf would be able to hear.

The violence, sorrow, and sadness

would all disappear.

Children wouldn’t be ripped

from their parents and

tears would stop flowing,

as we all know, life isΒ 

not easygoing.

My heart chips away

a little more with each passing day,

knowing this world could beΒ 

more compassionate and loving,

if only the government

wouldn’t stand in the way.



Written by Beckie Cutler ~*~ Picture courtesy of Pinterest]


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