~*~ G2K (Get 2 Know) Beckie~*~


Get 2 Know

A series of thought-provoking questions meant to bring the reader up close and personal with their favorite bloggers.

Let’s get honest!

  1. In what areas of your life do you find it hard, to be honest with yourself?  I would probably have to say… knowing that I will be alone when I die.  No family around that would even care when I do pass.  I know I would have my dear friends for the most part, but I know in my heart the harsh reality of being alone.
  2. Have you put any effort to change this or do you ignore it in hopes it disappears?  There is nothing to do be done.  The only one I speak to in my family is my mother.  My siblings barely communicate as it is, and when we do communicate, there is one sibling who owns the floor.  Nothing else said ever matters.
  3. How does this affect other areas of your life?  “The Family Thing” per say, affects my writing.  Because of a certain family member claiming not to read my blog, an uproar takes place if I ever write about my mom and her situation.  Or the situation of me still living here in New Jersey and not being able to help with taking care of my mother in Florida.  Everything with this particular family member is argumentative and one-sided.
  4. Can you define the underline fear in regards to this?  If so, explain.  Well, the dying alone factor is one thing, nothing I can do to change that.  The family issue, I pretty much covered that in question #3.
  5. Do you find that you are more of an honest or dishonest person around others?  When I used to drink, I definitely was dishonest with others as well as myself.  Now, I’m honest with everyone face to face or here on my blog.  There is no point in hiding behind lies for the main reason of hurting others or myself.


To participate:

Publish a post answering the above questions and title your post g2k

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Answer each question honestly





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