~*~ 🤔 June 18, 2018: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts 🤔 ~*~

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“… there are two entirely opposite attitudes possible in facing the problems of one’s life.  One, to try and change the external world, the other, to try and change oneself.”

~ Joanna Field ~


“When I used to drink I would avoid (or try to avoid) problems in my life.  If I ignored them, they wouldn’t exist.  ‘Wrong!’ The problems only multiplied.  Or, better yet…  The Blame Game.  During recovery from alcohol and learning of my mental illness, did I not realize how ridiculous my thought processing was.  Now, (Luckily), I face my problems head on regardless of what the outcome may be.  Since I changed the way I look at my problems, things run a little bit smoother than they used to.  And, if I’m not sure how to go about figuring out how to solve my problems, I ask for help and guidance.”

~ Beckie Cutler ~

Question:  When you are faced with a problem that seems impossible to figure out on your own, are you afraid to ask for assistance?  If so, why?


[Source: Each Day a New Beginning ~ Karen Casey ~*~ Picture courtesy of Pinterest]


  1. What a beautiful quote Beckie! The only thing that we truly have control in this world are our own actions. I definitely need to be more open to asking for help. I tend to be a lone wolf, tackling every single task in life from hair cuts to land scaping myself, even when I have no clue what I am doing. I prefer to not to rely on anyone but I have been realizing the past few years that it is ok to trust someone to help you. Counting on each other makes life easier.

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    • I used to be the same exact way. I would never admit in needing help until when the bottom fell out from underneath me, I had no choice but ask for it. I am so grateful I did. Never be afraid of asking someone for help, people are always there to do such.


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