~*~ 🎼 Have You Ever Woke Up With A Song In Your Head? 🎼 ~*~


Hi, Everyone!  How’s your weekend been so far?  Mine’s been pretty decent, and that’s why you haven’t seen much blogging by me all weekend.  

The weather here in New Jersey is getting hotter, and more humid over the last 24 hour period, and I guess that’s why I woke up to this song in my head this morning.  I can’t seem to shake it, but it’s all good because I love this song from “The Lovin’ Spoonful.”  

This song always reminds me of when I was a lot younger, and first dating my ex-husband.  He would have to work in NYC on Saturday mornings for Citi-Bank construction.  As soon as his shift would end, we’d hop in the car and head out to hang out with friends of ours on Long Island, NY.  Summer’s back then was so much fun going to the clubs, and beaches.  

Heck, if I had to wake up with a song in my head, I’m glad it was this one and not something depressing.  

Have a great day folks!


Questions:  So, do you wake up with a song in your head sometimes?  What is your favorite song that reminds you of a good time?   Please share with me and my readers what are your favorite tunes…  Come next Friday, I can play them on the “Fri-Yay Frolics.”  





  1. Hi Beckie happy to know your weekend is going fine. Mine is at the end and yes it did go well. I don’t get up with songs in my head often but once or twice I did, but then again my language of song would not be understood by many of your readers but I would like you to play a song from English that too if it’s possible….Maa Baker by Boney M. My father had lot of English language LP records and this one I am fond of because most of the mornings in my child hood I used to get up to this song playing on LP player and some of Beetles, John and others but I don’t remember many.

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  2. Ah, great song to wake to! Sometimes I wake to a song in my head but nothing really stands out. I guess, one song that always takes me to good memories, is Tennessee Whisky by George Jones. It became a must-sing at family gatherings and my brothers and I would add the words “Lordy, Lordy, Lordy” after the line… “you’re as smooth as strawberry wine”. Every time I hear it now I am whisked away to those celebratory moments.

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  3. I always have Dexy’s Midnight Runners Come on Eileen in my head. I remember how happy it made me feel growing up. Dancing in my overalls in college was a highlight because of that song. 😂

    I love the way you interact with your readers! So sweet! 💕

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