~*~ My Mental Health Day Off On Friday ~*~ (Not Blogging, OMG!)

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Hi, All!  How are you this weekend?  I’m doing pretty good.  It’s getting mighty hot outside here in the Northeast of the US, but other than that it is gorgeous outside.  The sun is shining, and not a cloud in the sky.  It’s nice to finally have pleasant weather.  Already late June, and we were not really experiencing pleasant weather.  I was wondering if it was ever going to become Summer.

So, yesterday I took a day off from blogging, and I’ve got to admit to you…  I felt as though I lost a limb.  When you are so used to a regiment of waking up, checking your computer, writing, reading, etc… (At least for me), I felt lost.  Heck, I didn’t even have time to do my morning meditation, I just woke up and jumped right into the day that was planned.  To be honest, I felt very off balanced for most of the day.

First thing yesterday morning, I got up, threw on some clothes and flew over to the Goodyear Shop to get my oil changed on my car.  I waited in their makeshift waiting area with other people, which made my anxiety peak a bit.  I was antsy and decided to bury my head in several games of solitaire on my phone.  I was elated when the shop guy called me and said my car was ready.  ‘Yay! get me the hell out of there!’  I ran back home, made myself a cup of coffee, then ran back out again to pick up my friend JT to help me set up for the BBQ that we were having later that afternoon.  My roommate went off to work and to pick up the last minute things for our little get together.

Long story short; it had only taken less than an hour to do what needed to be done outside as far as preparations and because of my morning not being normal, I worked myself into a migraine.  So, I left my friend downstairs and laid down for a little while to get rid of a damn headache before my roommate came home in order to finish prepping outside.

Everyone started arriving between 5-6pm, and my headache was at bay for the time being, ‘Thank God.’  We had music, and a ton of food, not to mention every dessert you could think of.  There were two downers though.  My dear friend LG couldn’t make it because of her daughter having to go back into the hospital for the back issues, plus we weren’t able to fit in playing “Cards Against Humanity.”  But, we all did have a great time conversing and joking around.  We lit up my dragonfly lights hanging on the porch and watched fireflies dancing in the backyard.  

By the time all was said and done, and cleaning was completed, all I had wanted to do was go to bed.  I was freaking beat tired.  I watched maybe an hour and a half of “The Staircase” on Netflix, and lights out.  I didn’t wake up until 10:45 am this morning, and felt like I had a hangover from all the sugar in the desserts we had.

So, today I’m back on my computer and playing catch up with writing, and reading other blogs.  Not to mention, taking care of my ‘to do list’ along the way.  

Question:   Does anyone here ever feel weirded out when they don’t blog for a period of time?

Anyway, back to normal now.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. As I don’t blog daily, I don’t feel the effects. But when I took that break for a month, while a poll was running that time on my Facebook page before deciding to close Facebook, yes, I surprisingly missed blogging.

    Weather is being kind here too. Seems to be stable weather his month of sunniness. I have done 4 hours overtime this morning at work and stayed at home for the rest of the time. Watched some dvds an d I think I shall take myself to bed for an early night tonight, which I may read a book for about an hour beforehand. x

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    • I’ve been thinking of closing out my FB page too. I don’t even bother to look at it, it’s just there. If anything, the reason why I don’t bother much anymore with FB is because it annoys me to no end.
      Enjoy the rest of your day relaxing, and reading your book. Hope you have a pleasant evening. 🙂

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      • Thank you.
        I was withdrawing from it less and less this year, as you know from me blogging about it. I did not realise how less, to say I thought I couldn’t get any lesser on it and with how I have always felt about Facebook, I felt a more strong urge to close it in the end. I have no regrets. It has been a relief for me, which I knew it would be. I am more calmer away from there.

        Enjoy your day. x

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  2. [ Smiles ] Beckie, I am glad to know that you had pleasant weather in your part of the world.

    I had rainy weather in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Now, I have been blogging daily for many years; I did it with my former blogs on Blogger and on WordPress. So, I will not be at ease staying away from my blog.

    In the past, my internet service provider messed up; which resulted in no internet for approximately four days. During that period, there was no blogging for me.

    I recently started a new blog on WordPress and I have not missed a day.

    You can refer to me as, “One of those very disciplined bloggers.”

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  3. I don’t really feel weird when I don’t blog since I don’t do it daily anyway but when I get put off my routine too much I do! Sometimes it’s needed but sometimes it kind of spins out of control and I can’t seem to get back on it. That bothers me for sure. I also relate to the copious amounts of sugar giving you a hangover!

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  4. In all honesty when I first started blogging I did do it daily, but as time has past I am not doing my blog daily. There are weeks that I will do a blog everyday, but when I have bad pain days I am not able to do it daily. There was a time that I actually felt guilty for missing a day or two, but I think people understand what I live with and why there might be days I will miss!

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