~*~ ๐Ÿค” June 15, 2018: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts ๐Ÿค” ~*~

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“… In silence might be the privilege of the strong, but it was certainly a danger to the weak.ย  For the things, I was prompted to keep silent about were nearly always the things I was ashamed of, which would have been better aired…”

~ย Joanna Field ~


“It is said, ‘We are only as sick as the secrets we keep.’ย  There is so much truth in that statement.ย  When I was younger, I was always told to stifle my emotions, ‘don’t cry or I’ll give you something to cry about.’ was one of my favorites.ย  Not!ย  It’s okay to share your feelings and emotions.ย  Never fear them.ย  Your emotions are validated amongst your peers, especially in this forum.”

~ Beckie Cutler ~


Question:ย  Do you feel more comfortable writing about your feelings or discussing them with someone? Depending on which one you pick, why?


[Source: Each Day a New Beginning ~ Karen Casey ~*~ Psychology Today]


  1. Writing about them. I think I find it a lot easier because I can think about it and write it coherently. In talking I can’t think sometimes of what to say and it comes to me later but it’s too late then often. I’m an introvert by nature too so I find I’ve always expressed myself better in writing.

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  2. I do find writing my thoughts out easier in one sense. By writing my feelings out, I do not have to worry about someone interrupting me or distracting how my thoughts are. But I am pretty vocal about my feelings as well! I do hope by me writing out my thoughts and feelings, I am able to help someone else!!

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