PTSD & Meditation (What I Did After Experiencing a Nightmare)

Good Morning Everyone!Β  Happy Hump Day to you all!

Last night I had some pretty violent dreams, and it wasn’t just one dream.Β  It was as if every traumatic situation in my past was attacking me.Β  I woke up to some of my pillows on the floor and twisted up covers all over my bed, and my nightshirt was soaked in sweat. My breathing was erratic, and I was so utterly shaken.

The one dream that I remember waking up to was, I was still living in the transitional housing program, and the roommate that I had was still attacking me.Β  I could almost feel the punches exploding.Β  Β 

Once I realized that this was a nightmare, and wasn’t really happening again, I tried really, really hard to calm my breathing, and grasp that I was in a safe environment.Β Β 

I then immediately Googled my way to search for my meditation by Jason Stephenson in order to regroup, and gain some composure.Β  I’m so glad that I did.Β  I took my medication before I began to play it, but I just leaned back and listened to his voice talking me down from feeling like I was crawling the walls.


Although the dream is still remembered because of it’s nature, this video did help my breathing and at least calm the anxiety that I was feeling.Β Β 

I know meditation doesn’t work for many people, but it helps me at least calm myself down from feeling hopeless duringΒ moments I feel like I’m losing control.Β  I feel as if I gain a little of myself back again when I meditate, which I try to do at least 2-3 times a day.

Now, that I’m a bit more relaxed.Β  I’m gonna take a step back and make myself a well-deserved cup of coffee and read a bit before I begin my day.

Take Care & God Bless,



  1. So sorry you went through that! I remember having violent nightmares when I went through my divorce over 20 years ago. That was the worst year of my life! I didn’t meditate, but I prayed a lot! πŸ˜‰ I will check out this video. Hope your day is better.

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