~ 🌼 ~ Working on Me ~ 🌼 ~ (Self-Help)

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Good Afternoon, My Friends.  Happy Hump Day to you all!  Hope your week is going well so far.

As some of you know, I just started this segment of working on me last week.  Reading self-help books and trying desperately to keep my anxiety at bay, as well as my emotions intact.  To be honest, I’m realizing this is not an easy task, but I have no other choice but do this on my own at the moment.

Back in March, I learned that my Medicaid Insurance cut me off with no warning.  The reasoning was that I earned too much through my Disability.  In my opinion, “That’s a load of shit.”  One sum per month, with expenses taken out in order to survive, and they just cut you loose without evening knowing what the individual is going through.  I’m without my therapist and my psychiatrist now since that time.  

I’m faced with the reality of getting rid of my car come August if my auto insurance rates don’t go down in order to afford health insurance.  Heck, I’ve been debating getting rid of the car because of knowing that if anything goes wrong with the vehicle (which will happen), I won’t be able to afford to pay for the repairs on a fixed income.  So what’s the point in owning a car, when I could use Uber?  It’s not like I go too many places anyway.  (I know…  I’m ranting, but I am working on it.)

I’ve been reading “The Language of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie and practicing on Taking Care of Ourselves Emotionally.  

What does it mean by taking care of myself emotionally?  It means I recognize when I am feeling angry, and accept that feeling without shame or blame.  (Although, I’m still pissed at Medicaid), but I’m working on it.

I recognize the fact that I am depressed, Which I accept.  Heck, I’m bipolar.  It kinda comes with the territory.  Taking care of my emotions means I allow myself to stay with the feeling until it’s time to release it and to go on to the next one.  I’m realizing that by through my emotions, it is pointing me in the direction to face reality, and make certain decisions that will benefit me in the long run.  As I mentioned.  I’m giving it until August to make the decision in selling my car.  I won’t have the auto insurance to deal with anymore, no more repair worries, and I would be able to afford health insurance which is the main goal.

One of the things Melody Beatie brings up is this…  I’m open to the lessons my emotions may be trying to teach me.  After I feel, accept, and release the feeling, I ask myself what it is I want or need to do to take care of myself?  Taking care of myself emotionally means I value, treasure, explore, and cherish the emotional part of myself.  

My well-being and health come first.  Not some old beat up car with a 189K miles on it, that I barely drive.  All my doctors are local, I can afford Uber.  I did it before, I can certainly do it again.  I accept the reality of my decision when the time comes.

What do you need to take care of emotionally speaking?  Please share in order to help others as well.

Thank you, for reading.

Take care & God Bless,




  1. It’s so inspiring to read your story. Learning to take care of yourself seems to have been the biggest struggle for most women I know. It’s so important. I know Medicaid can be restrictive. In Ohio I’m just learning the process with and for my son. I think giving yourself a choice to use Uber instead of owning a car is a great option. I’m sure it will go well if that’s what you decide. Especially since you done it before. Thanks for sharing!

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