~*~ This Weekend… ~*~

 weekend ~ over

Hello, My Friends.  I hope this post finds you all well after another weekend is coming to a close.  

I don’t usually do too much during the week, or the weekend for several reasons.  Not going to bother you with those details though.

Well, Saturday it almost hit 90 degrees and looked as if storms were just going to burst – that never took place, not even one raindrop.  I enjoy Summer storms and was bummed out that not even a roll of thunder could be heard.  I was able to get plenty done around the house though.  That part was at least productive.  For the most part, I just read a lot from our WordPress “Reader.”  This is something I really enjoy doing.  Plus, I read from my self-help books and taking notes for my new segment, “Working On Me” which I had begun last week.  Then later that evening, I finished watching “Rectify” on Netflix.  Another fun thing I like to do is binge-watching programs.  Now, I’m in search of finding something else to fill the void of not watching anything in particular.  (That will be tonight’s mission).  LOL!

Today, my roommate JK, and my dear friend JT went to a street fair in the town of Somerville, NJ.  I was looking forward to it for three weeks, and just praying that the weather would be good in order to enjoy it.  Well, the weather held up under grey blustery skies with the temps in the 50’s.  BIG DIFFERENCE from yesterday.  

The street fair wasn’t all that is was cracked up to be.  More food trucks than the eye could see, and very few craft vendors.  It was the craft vendors I was really interested in visiting since I love checking out what other’s creativity makes.  Regardless, it was just nice to get out and walk around, and people watch.  People and dog watching that is.  Several people brought their dogs to the event, and it was like a mini parade of all makes and models of cute dogs looking for something to fall from the food trucks.  

One vendor, I stopped at was a little Chinese lady (cute as a button), selling purses.  I hated carrying around a huge bag everywhere, so I knew I wanted to check out what she had to sell.  I found the perfect, tinier bag, and my roommate bought it for me because of an upcoming birthday.  I am so appreciative of her purchasing the new bag.  I just love it!

June is usually a month where I find myself sinking into a deeper depression.  If I was still married, today would have marked 28 years.  The 8th of the month marks the day in which my ex-husband was killed on his job site.  The 10th is my birthday.  It’s hard for me to celebrate or think about celebrating my birthday when I think of his life cut so short, and that is how I spent my 39th birthday at his funeral.  A lot of my poetry comes from my feelings for him still.  Why get divorced? you might be thinking…  We just grew apart, but we still loved one another very much.

I realize that life goes on, and it does.  It’s hard at times, but that’s life I suppose.  I know in my heart, I have to keep busy more so than normal, because I refuse to drift into that feeling of “Woe is me.”  That’s why I am working so hard on self-help.  I’m hoping that all I’m reading and trying to improve my well-being pays off.

So, that was how I spent my weekend.  Just trying to keep as busy as possible.  I hope I make plans for next weekend, so I don’t have to suffer in silence.  Knowing my small group of friends, they will do a little something for my birthday.  I simply prefer just hanging out with them and laughing about stupid shit together and playing “Games Against Humanity.”  

I hope all of you had a pleasant weekend, and have a restful evening ahead.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗

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  1. April is usually hard for me. I made it through unscathed this year. I think this year you can turn June around and make it about his good memories. That would be a healthy approach. I am here if you need me.

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  2. Hey Becky, sorry to hear that June brings back those memories to you but I’m happy to know that even you were seperated from your husband you still have good feeling for each other.
    Also, please enjoy your birthday.. You share it with one of my school mate, a very strong person. Wishing you lots of wishes and hugs on your birthday!!

    I never knew you were in the same state as me. Yay!!
    Have a nice week ahead!!

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