It’s “Revenge of Eve” – Get to Know series.  Here are this week’s questions she asked, and here are my answers…

Who would you meet if you had the chance?

Don Henley from the band “The Eagles” and solo artist.  I have been a fan of his since I was a little kid.  I love the poetry within his lyrics because they always touch me in a personal way.

What is your favorite sport?

Football, huge NY Giants fan.

Where do you plan to retire?

God only knows.

When were you last happy?

Sincerely… a year ago, when I went to visit my Mom in Florida.

How do you define happiness?

My frame of mind, my mental state usually determines that.

Why is self-care so important?

The more we take care of ourselves, it boosts our self-respect, confidence, and overall attitude.

Journal prompt: Write a hello to the person you chose to meet.

Dear Don,

Since I can remember, your music has always been with me.  Through some fantastic parties, road trips, love, and loss.  I’ve been to the “Eagles” concerts over a dozen times, and solo concerts at least that, and I always felt your lyrics touch every memory of my life.

Thanks for always being a part of my life through your music.



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