~*~ Weekend Doledrum ~*~

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Hello, My Friends.  Hope that all of you are having a nice weekend.

My weekend has been pretty uneventful, for a holiday, then again…  My life is pretty uneventful, to begin with. I spent most of my day yesterday playing catch by reading other’s posts and listening to soothing music.  Heck, I stayed in my PJ’s all day for that matter.  It’s not like I’m famous and had to avoid the paparazzi, I just enjoyed reading several posts pretty much the entire day away.  Wasn’t in the best of moods to write, so I decided to take a little break for the weekend.

Today, my dear friend JT called me very bummed out over the loss of a friend of his, so I suggested we go out to lunch and break out from being kept up at home.  I think both of us really needed to just get together and chat for a while.  Both of us have mental health issues, and we talked about how neither one of us is coping to good with our depression.  We finished lunch and came back to my place, and he worked on my computer for updates, which took up a great deal of time.  Then my roommate JK, JT and I sat and watched “Monk” marathon.  Nah…  Not too boring of a weekend here.  LOL!

Tomorrow, we were all invited to a BBQ at my roommate’s sister’s house, I just pray the weather holds up since it has been so yucky all weekend.  At least it will be nice to get out of the house for a little while instead of being cooped up watching nonsense TV.

So, that is my weekend in a nutshell.  I certainly hope all of you had pleasant weather with either fun-packed activities or just good ole’ relaxation.  

Have a wonderful evening!

Take Care & God Bless,




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  1. Good evening, Beckie 🙂

    Your comment about pjs and paparazzis really made me smile! I often spend my whole day in pajamas when I am off from work. It is the greatest way to stay comfy and stress free 🙂 And you are absolutely right! Not being famous is great, because I can’t imagine having to dress up and put on make up, just because people are waiting for me with a camera, in case I’d show up to the window. LOL

    And “TV nonsense”?? Monk doesn’t qualify as nonsense to me…Mouaahahahahahahaha I love the character, and now, you are making me want to catch up on old episodes 😉

    Have a nice week!! xx

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  2. It sounds like we had a similar holiday weekend, very uneventful! I actually like uneventful weekends because it allows my poor brain to just relax and recuperate. The only part of my weekend I could have done without is getting a call from my other that was just disturbing! It seems like the second I think she is getting herself to a better place, I find out how wrong I was! I hope you enjoy the final day of the long weekend!!

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