REBLOG: I had to share this amazing piece that “A Guy Called Bloke” wrote. It certainly gave me a lot to think about, since death is something I do think of often.

A Guy Called Bloke


You know one of the biggest taboos in our world is ‘Death’ people simply don’t like to discuss the end of days equally as much as they dislike ‘mental health’, and yet whether people like it or not, it still happens and equally as much as Death awaits us, we all have mental health.

Mental health as two words is not the problem, it is the perception by a society ignorant to the fact that when there is mental health as a subject that it is NOT just about poor mental health but healthy mental health.

I have oft been accused of being obsessed with Death – l am not, but l do have a respect for it, and l think that is important. Some people forget too easily that sadly Death might just be around the corner for any of us at any time.

Life is just way too…

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