~*~ Anxiety Group or Social Gathering? Eh… Who Cares ~*~

Hello, My Dear Fellow Bloggers.  Hope this finds you well this Friday Eve.

A couple weeks back, a small group of us from our mental health facility decided to start our own little anxiety group, because we found our old one was not serving any purpose anymore.  It was a great gathering, and we discussed what was on our minds, which made me feel better.

However, this week gathering was less one person for whom I truly wish was there but understood she has a life outside our group, which we all respect.  But, this group gathering was more of a social luncheon and not one of us really spoke of anxiety at all.  

I, on the other hand, spoke about it a little, especially after the horrific panic attack I experienced two Monday’s ago.  But that was it.

This time around was more of a light-hearted talk over pizza in the park, and laughing amongst ourselves over silly things.  This was not a bad meeting by any stretch, it was very pleasant to get outdoors and take in the beautiful weather and people watch, (which is something I do enjoy).  There was a guy that pulled in not too far away from us, and he broke out his guitar.  We had our own private little concert going on.  It was great!

I can’t tell if our anxiety group is going to be really based on our anxiety issues, but it was at least good to enjoy the great outdoors and good company.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,


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