~🍷~ Guilty Pleasure ~🍷~

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Poured another drink

to take off the edge

“I’ll quit tomorrow”

I would always pledge

just one drink was

never enough

Sipped more and more

of that poisonous stuff

self-medicated my broken soul

ashamed and bewildered

my reflection I couldn’t behold

Hidden the bottles

throughout the home

tried to seem normal

when I wasn’t alone

Cried like a baby

when I went to bed

woke up hungover

severe pain in my head

Anxiety was too much

poured me another glass

the addiction my crutch

Day after day

week after week

month after month

year after year

living a lie

living in fear

my guilty pleasure 

killing me slowly

my sickness lead to 

loosing all that I treasured.


via Daily Prompt: Guilty

[Picture Google Images] NOTE: Sobriety date August 14, 2015


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