Understanding Someone With Anxiety

REBLOG: Discovering Your Happiness” wrote this poignant piece about anxiety. This is so thoughtful, I just had to share this.

Discovering Your Happiness

Understanding Someone With Anxiety

Hello loves, ❤

To understand someone with anxiety means understanding that a lot of their life is what happens inside their head. It’s understanding that some things they can’t make sense of but they desperately need explanations.

Understanding someone with anxiety means not getting frustrated or annoyed when they send a double text or call too many times or jump to conclusions.

Understanding someone with anxiety means not staring or making a big deal when something has triggered them and they’re picking at their skin to a point where they might not even notice it’s now a cut.

Understanding someone with anxiety means learning when to listen. Because there are so many things going on in their head they are struggling to make sense of it themselves.

Understanding someone with anxiety means knowing when they don’t want to sleep over, the truth is they don’t want to keep you up as they…

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  1. This was really Good for me to read. I try to explain my closest one but very few understands. As I sit here and having a bad day and ofc today I have a lot to do, I just wanna go back to bed. It’s hard to say it out loud every time you feel low and you get a perfectionist on hiding it. Ty for sharing❤️

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