~*~ “G2K” Get to Know Beckie

Who is your superhero? 

My Mother hands down!

What is their superpower?

Her kindness, sweet nature, and unconditional love for her children.  She may be 72 years old, but she is a force to reckon with.  Plus, she is my biggest support system I have in my life.

Where was your first kiss?

OMG!  you want me to remember that far back?  LOL!  I was in kindergarten and this little boy named Freddy just came over and kisses me on the lips.  I just stood there in shock, then giggled and ran away.

When was the first time I fell in love?

My very first love was back in 1982 through 1985.  He went to one school and I another, we met while working at McDonald’s, our first job together.  We got engaged but never married.  After he went into the Airforce, a long distance relationship wasn’t in the cards.

How did you know it was love?

He was very kind, sincere, and a real gentleman for a young age.  He treated me like gold.  Every time we were together the world felt as if it stopped just for us. (Then again, young love was all about butterflies in the stomach).

Why is love important?

Because of wanting to be someone’s companion through thick and thin, laugh at each other’s jokes, confide in, trust, and overall to be with your best friend.  That is so important to me.

Journal Prompt: Write about your first love.

We met when we were 16-17 years old working for the same place, McDonald’s while in two separate schools.  He was so handsome, and he rode a motorcycle with his cool leather jacket.  It was an instant attraction between us, and we couldn’t be kept apart even if my mother wasn’t too fond of him.  We spent all our free time together riding on his motorcycle and did charity work together at both our schools.  Two proms together and love just took hold.  After high school, he decided he wanted to go into the Airforce, and we tried to keep together even after a full year of him being active.  But, time and distance broke us up.  It was a hard break up for both of us but in the long run, we did meet our future spouses and were very happy.  

We actually ran into one another 10 years ago, after I moved back from NY to NJ, and we shared a very nice dinner catching up on our lives.  I never forgot my first love and probably never will.


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