~ Cheating Fool ~

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The declaration of his love

was a complication

when she first learned there was a wife.

How could he? Why would he?

be a rat bastard in sheep’s clothing

to a divorcee and a wife with a knife?

Both women vulnerable

and taken for granted,

silly fool thought he had them both branded.

Now he’s the new divorcee

no one bothers to listen to his explanations nor his plea’s.

A respected citizen of the community

now left with a mark of lunacy.



via Daily Prompt: Complication

23 thoughts on “~ Cheating Fool ~

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              1. I am the wife.
                I have forgiven them both as she knew everything when she entered his life.
                I thought it will help me to move on but it is not, the pain is simmering in the depth of my soul……aah there is lot but for now this is enough. I don’t want to bother anyone and don’t want to dwell in darkness. Or else it will be hard to come out for many days.

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                1. Now I regret you ever reading my piece. This happened to me many, many moons ago. I had no idea he was married. He had a basement apartment, and I moved there because of my divorce. I didn’t meet the wife until I was there a full month later. It was a very awkward, hurtful situation to be in, and I moved out as soon as I was financially able to.
                  I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Are you still married to him?

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                  1. Yes, I am and she too. she is not ready to leave even I asked her too but she says if my hubby left her she will file a case against him. Even if I file a case against her my hubby will only be booked as in my part of world in such cases lady is not blamed even though she is the main culprit. My husband is very caring person, and a doting father and my fault is that I can’t live without him. In my case the other woman is not as innocent as you. She knew about me and my children before entering into bed sorry to say so, (intimate relationship) with my hubby. This is the reason I feel suffocated. My sadness turned to chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks came along. My husband realized his mistake and many times cried holding me. He says if it was in his powers to leave her he would have done it but he feels guilty and responsible for her also. Though his priority is still me. He is making all his efforts to work on the relationship. It is seen in his actions and words, but the problem is now I don’t feel it. I have become empty and feeling less at least in his case, and I have worked a lot for coming to the present day situation where I can at least feel my children. Rest every emotion and feelings are like a river flowing and me sitting on the bank and watching them to pass by. Same can be said about the life. I am laughing, smiling but not living. Happiness does not reach my heart or the eyes. I cry easily now a days even on the mere mention of love etc.
                    but why am I bothering you? I am sorry.
                    oh yeah don’t feel bad for me reading your post, because I live that pain and betrayal every second since I came to know about it. I never forget it, even though I tried but I couldn’t and now I don’t want but I have forgiven them and love hubby a lot because this way I believe I am freeing my soul from this relation for ever. I won’t be meeting him ever in coming births so want to love him now. Because whatever is there is now.
                    Yes I know I may sound wrong but I want to give a try and a chance to our relation at least for the sake of our children. They don’t know the difference as they don’t know the reality. Let them smile truly.

                    Sorry for bothering you so much.

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                    1. Firstly, you are not bothering me at all. I’m just stunned that this had happened the way it had, and that you are still suffering through a fake smile for the sake of your children. What a horrible with this other woman is knowing fully that you are in a relationship. She is a culprit of lives.
                      I am just so very sorry for all that you have and are still going through. My heart goes out to you, Dear.

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                    2. I get my strength from friends like you. Seeing you I think life will become easy or may be bearable, well doesn’t matter I love writing and sharing my pain and thoughts to stop my self from falling deeper into the claws of mental illness.
                      Finding and creating ways to forget the suffering.

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      1. Thanks but surrounded with friends like you I feel the strength and I think I can fight it and the depression, anxiety as well. At least, so I hope.

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