~💚~ May 18, 2018: Mental Health Awareness “Meet & Greet” Fellow Bloggers That Shared Because You Cared ~💚~

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Welcome, One and All to May 2018, Mental Health Awareness Month’s “Meet & Greet!”  I am so proud to be part of this blogging community because of all the support we share amongst ourselves.  Over the past week, more of you joined by adding your site name in order to get to know one another better, and learn of the journey you have been through.  I am so honored to be sharing all of you here at the “Meet & Greet.”

By being supportive, educated, and informative, we as a united group can help fight the stigma that surrounds all things mental health.  

I’ll be honest with you, I started following other bloggers that did not share only because they have a voice here as well.  I’m hoping that by showing our support for one another, we can also become friends through WordPress and the platform we all stand for.


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May 18, 2018 List: 💚

Obsidian Manatee

Iggy – Color Me Bipolar

Suicide And Mental Health

Zoe – Miss Mental Health

Francis – Anxiety The Bitch

Brians Quotes

ProfTomTot – The Broad Spectrum

Oasis Charm

Wandering Thoughts

Blogging Astrid (Astrid)

Devereau Frazier – An Aspergians Chemical Romance

Midsummer Day Dreamer

Positively Alyssa – Fight MS Daily

Tazastle – The Little Mouse Life

Jennifer Sekella

Those Words I Never Said – 37

Depression? Moi! 

Thunder Moonstruck


Tom Baker – Stigma Free Me

Tales From A Motherhood

Me On Focus

Inner Healings Counseling

Finding The Courage To Change

Nayana Nair – It Rains In My Heart

Beat Depression 776 – Moving The Furniture

Awkward Brown Guy

I Am My Own Island

Anxiety Bug

Crazy Writer of 6


May 11, 2018 List: 💚

The Bipolar Writer

Grief to Life

Lotty Dawson

A Creative PTSD Gal

The Hippy Chic

Seeds In The Wasteland

What Sandra Thinks

4 M’s Bipolar Mom


Mental Health Warrior

Bipolar In Order – A Confessional

Living My Life 321

Sara In La La Land

Jeanette_PTSD-My Life With PTSD & Bipolar

Stoner On A Rollercoaster

Yinins Thoughts

Bellas Babbles



Karitaber2015 – Everywhere But Here

A Guy Called Bloke – And Doodledips Adventures

Jakebe – From The Desk Of Jake T. Rabbit

Her Patchwork Heart

From Famine To Feast




May 4, 2018 List: 💚

Therapy Bits 

Bipolar Barb

This Bipolar Brat

Revenge Of Eve

Lavender And Levity

Mental Health @ Home

Emerging From The Dark Night

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

Sibple – My Not So Simple Bipolar Life

Mind Be Kind To Me


For everyone that participated in the May 2018, Mental Health Awareness “Meet & Greet”, I so appreciate you sharing your stories with me, and look so forward to reading and learning more about you.

May 25, 2018, will be the next “Meet & Greet” Share Because You Care.  Please Reblog this post in order for more people to join our community of support.  All bloggers must add their site name to the comments section of this post, and you will be added to the last week of Mental Health Awareness Meet & Greet.


Thanks to all of you & God Bless!

Beckie 💚


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