~๐Ÿ’š~ May 18, 2018: Mental Health Awareness “Meet & Greet” Fellow Bloggers That Shared Because You Cared ~๐Ÿ’š~

Beckie's Mental Mess

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Welcome, One and All to May 2018, Mental Health Awareness Monthโ€™s โ€œMeet & Greet!โ€ย  I am so proud to be part of this blogging community because of all the support we share amongst ourselves.ย  Over the past week, more of you joined by adding your site name in order to get to know one another better, and learn of the journey you have been through.ย  I am so honored to be sharing all of you here at the โ€œMeet & Greet.โ€

By being supportive, educated, and informative, we as a united group can help fight the stigma that surrounds all things mental health.ย ย 

Iโ€™ll be honest with you, I started following other bloggers that did not share only because they have a voice here as well.ย  Iโ€™m hoping that by showing our support for one another, we can also become friends through WordPress and the platform we all stand for.

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