At The Stroke of Midnight

REBLOG: To enter your photos for Revenge of Eve’s contest P4J, here are the instructions on how to go about entering them. Please join the many that are participating. 🙂

Revenge of Eve

At the stroke of midnight,

(Central North America time)

P4J begins!!!

The guidelines can be found here. Please read them before submitting your photographs. Submission acceptance will close at 12:01 am May 19, 2018 ( N.Am Cntrl)

I am looking forward to seeing the images you have captured and I am honored to have participants. Please include your blog name or website with your submission. Also, you will receive the participants’ badge to place on your site if you choose to do so (via email). Remember any photo you deem worthy of sending is fine with me. Your photos will be used throughout ROE once they have been received but they cannot have been published on your blog, as of yet. After the contest, it is to you what you do with your images. Please review the guidelines.

Happy Snapping


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