Please don’t hide, ask for help

REBLOG: “Topics With Passion” shares this piece about Depression, and the symptoms of it. If you feel these symptoms please seek help. Great post!

Topics with Passion

Mental health is starting to get the recognition that it deserves, but there is still more work to be done.

Depression is a common mental health condition that causes a person to feel very depressed for weeks or months. It is important to ask for help when you feel depressed.

Depression is a common illness that affects people of all ages. Suffering from depression does not mean being lazy or weak. It is a real and serious physical condition. Taking care of your mental and emotional health is as important as taking care of your body.

Depression is a common illness and no one should suffer alone. Depression is a silent killer. Many people are ashamed or afraid to ask for help, so they go on with their lives and live with it in secret.
Just in case you’ve heard the contrary… No you can’t cure depression by just cheering…

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