You Need To Understand This About Anxiety

REBLOG: “Discovering Your Happiness” has written a great post about anxiety & Panic attacks. The Do’s & Don’ts on how to treat people with them.

Discovering Your Happiness

You Need To Understand This About AnxietyHello loves, ❤

I feel that anxiety is not spoken enough BUT… I love being so open about this on my blog ❤ I feel that all people need to understand the below:

1. Anxiety is not just ‘worrying’.

Worrying and being stressed out are completely different animals than having anxiety and being diagnosed with a mental illness. While of course stress and worry can do damage on your health, anxiety is not just biting your nails or freaking out about exams during finals.

2. Having anxiety is truly a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Anxiety is a true illness. It is not like a broken leg where you can put a cast on it, and let it heal. It takes therapy and medication sometimes to help symptoms, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those symptoms will go away permanently.

3. When someone is having a panic attack, telling them to…

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