~*~ Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder ~*~

Bipolar mood cycling for Bipolar Types I II and Cyclothymia There is more than one type of Bipolar, in fact, there are four. These three and Dysthymia. | @suburbiatory

Rapid cycling bipolar disorder can be a dangerous condition that can carry a high suicide rate.  When a person with bipolar experiences four or more hypomanic, or depressive episode in any 12 month period, it’s defined as rapid cycling bipolar.  While the term rapid cycling may sound like the episodes occur on a regular basis,  episodes usually follow a random pattern.  Because of rapid mood swings associated with this type of bipolar disorder, the person may feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster; going up, and swooshing down, way down into a dark depression, and this can take place in the course of a few days or even hours.

I, myself have been through rapid cycling bipolar since November 2017.  The lows are very dark, and dismal.  However, I have not had suicidal thoughts.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t think about death.  I wish the pain would go away, but it’s an uphill battle daily.  I literally have to force myself to get motivated enough just to do a simple task; talking to myself continuously is my annoying motivator in most cases.

For more information on rapid cycling bipolar disorder, please visit Healthyplace.com, where you can learn more about the symptoms, treatments, and effects.

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