Monday Affirmation ~*~ Recognizing Feelings ~*~

Happiness is more of a direction than a zip code or the height of an achievement. With that in mind, I penned these self-care affirmations to help the both of us walk in the direction that feels good in our hearts, rather than get stuck on what's "not perfect" or hasn't yet met the standards we set for ourselves. I've found that if I'm headed in the right direction, my past and my future alike benefit from my presence.

Experiencing feelings and emotions can be a challenge.  If I am feeling sad, I just let those tears flow.  I don’t stifle my feelings, because they are my feelings to feel.

 Today, I will watch myself and listen to myself as I go through my day.  I will not judge myself for what I am feeling, and I won’t beat myself up for feeling what I am feeling today or any other day in the future.  I’m human, not a superhero.



[Source: Quote courtesy of Pinterest]

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