G2K – Get 2 Know ~*~ Beckie~*~

Who does the cleaning in your home?  I share a house with my roommate, but I tend to clean more than she does because of my OCD and anxiety issues.  I need order around me.

What pets do you have?  I have a 30-year-old Amazon Yellow Nape Parrot named Peanut which I consider my son since I have had him when he was 10 & 1/2 week old.  Plus a Male Double fin Beta names Baryshnikov.

When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?  My first boyfriend must have been in my freshman year of high school.  He was cute, just very annoying.  Shortest relationship I ever had.  LOL!

Where do you live?  I reside in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA

How did you decide on your career?  I started off as a customer service representative for a waterbed company back in the 80’s, the company that did our finances hired me, and the rest was history.  I did accounts payable and receivable for nearly 30+ years, then branch administrator for the last 5 years of my career before I went out on disability due to my mental illness/disorders and physical health issues as well.

Why do you blog?  Since my diagnoses with mental illness/disorders, I wanted to share my experiences, and what I have learned about.  Basically, I wanted to get to know other bloggers and the ways they cope with mental illness and learn how to break the stigma that surrounds it.  I guess my main reason for starting my blog was to make sure others knew they weren’t alone in the world.


Thank you,



  1. I might decide naming my next pet after peanut too’ 😉

    I dont know why, but I’m not really a people person. I’m an introvert by nature- whose always reserve and yet all my jobs is related to customer service’ … now I’m doing training too.. LOL

    I put up my blog so i can spread the love about mental health awareness, my husband has depression & writing has been my outlet for our beautiful struggle.

    Hope everything is well with you! god bless!

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