Sunday Affirmation: Am I Lovable? Yes, I Am 💗

So many of us struggle with the belief that we are worthy of love and belonging. In our scarcity mindset, we seek to be enough, do enough, and have enough, hoping that eventually it will all be enough to deserve love. The truth is, you are already enough and you are already loveable. There is nothing more you need to do or be. You are loveable. <3 #quotes #quotedaily #evolve #evolvepersonalcoaching #amazingchanges #recovery #healing #selflove #selfcare #affirmations #Iamloveable #Iamenough


You Are Lovable.  Yes, you.

Just because people haven’t been there for you, just because certain people haven’t been able to show love for you in ways that worked, just because relationships have failed or gone sour does not mean that you’re unlovable.

You’ve had lessons to learn.  Sometimes, those lessons have hurt.  Let go of the pain.  Open your heart to love.  You are lovable, you are loved.

Today, I will tell myself I’m lovable.  I will so this until I believe it.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗


[Source: Affirmation courtesy of Pinterest ~*~ The Language of Letting Go ~ Melody Beattie]



  1. I wish I could say that we only need to look at the others in our lives who love us truly and deeply. Sadly, tragically, some people have no one. I see this in my work. We live in a me-me society, and there are so, so many lonely shut-ins, I mean-it breaks one’s heart. We need to love one another like never before-easier said than done, I know. ❤

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  2. I find it very hard to love myself. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I think a lot of it is self doubt, am I good at what I do, others think so, why can’t I, etc. BUT I will try this on a daily basis and see if I can finally realize I am someone!! Great post, Beckie!

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