April 27, 2018: Week in Review – Blah!

Good Morning My Friends,  Happy Friday to each and every one of you!

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Okay, so this is the low down of my week…  BARELY ANY SLEEP.  Yup, my insomnia has been kicking my buttocks since the middle of the previous week, and my anxiety is ramping again because of it.  I have tried desperately to find methods of falling asleep, but nothing is working.  Here I am recommending sleep meditation, and while yes, it worked the one night fairly decently, I’ve still been floundering like a fish out of water every night since then.  👀

I’m so happy that we are experiencing Spring-like weather lately, but my allergies are doing a number to me as well.  I feel as if I swallowed a fur ball, want to scratch my eyes out, and coughing continuously.  

My mood is just Blah, and I’m so exhausted feeling like this.  Hence, the reason why I’ve been writing pretty depressing poetry or writing’s about insomnia all week.  😦

If you suffer from sleep disorders, such as insomnia, is it a constant for you?  Or, do you have this happen once in a while?  What do you do when you go through these spells of no sleep?

I’m actually happy that it’s raining and dark outside today.  Why?  because I foresee a nap in my very near future.  LOL!  I have fought napping all week long and cut down on coffee intake too, but today…  Oh, there will be a nap!  🙂  I require seeing the inside of my eyelids desperately.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 😴


18 thoughts on “April 27, 2018: Week in Review – Blah!

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  1. When I first visited my family practitioner, he had me on anything I asked for. But he did an absolute turnaround, (Jesus) and a year ago took me off of Xanax for sleep. I am so incredibly thankful that he did so. My deal was-take me off, but please make sure I sleep-I feel so badly for you. He said, Sure-Trazadone. This is a non narcotic and I was leery, didn’t think it would work. I have been taking this for two years, very inexpensive and Beckie, I sleep like a baby. I know many people who take it and swear by it-I can also go as many nights as I want without it……and no withdrawal. Prayers for you dear one. ❤

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  2. Oh sleep issues are the worst. I deal with them all the time, even though I practice really good sleep hygiene. Paying attention to what I watch on tv at night, not looking at a computer screen before I go to bed, having a dark room, listening to a relaxing podcast or ocean sounds, etc. I do take ambian sometimes when I have days when I just can’t get enough sleep and the nightmares are worse. Sending you huge hugs and hopes of good nights sleep over the weekend. 🙂

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  3. I never suggested tart cherry juice to you – it has the same effect as melatonin. Also read recently that foods with magnesium, like bananas, can cause sleepiness or taking magnesium glycinate can help as well (magnesium = great sleeping aid).

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