Long Night


Image result for pictures of monsters under the bed


I despise the darkness and turmoil of the night

my mind never wants to shut off the fright.

Alone with my thoughts

gripping me, ripping me, tearing me apart,

I’m left feeling lonely, weak and afraid of the dark.

Times passes slowly until mornings dawn

I pass the hours with consistentย yawns.

Daybreak, long, lonely hours finally passed,

exhausted and weary, I can finally sleep at last.



[Picture courtesy of Google Images]




  1. You express those feelings well. Have you tried eating new stuff? For some reason, after I ate turkey burgers, I slept quite well. Also, the first time I tried curry- I slept like a baby. Not sure which ingredient in there helps..I suspect turmeric. Good luck tonight!

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      • How did you sleep? I actually slept pretty well. Better than the night before. I slept about 5-6 hours and only woke up three time. That is awesome for me. I think each night will get better. I am being optimistic about this. I hope you slept well. Hugs, Sue

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        • Good Morning, Sue. I slept about the same, but after I got up the 3-4 times during the night, I had trouble falling back to sleep again.
          I’m so happy you were able to sleep better, you even sound more chipper in your writing. LOL!
          I’m just going to take it easy for the next day or so, and relax my mind as much as I can, and listen to nothing but classical and meditation music all day today. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          • Good morning, Beckie. I hope you have a nice relaxing day. I slept okay last night but I am tired this morning for some reason. Motivation is lacking. Hmmmm….. I have a lot to do today. I hope I can get it done. Have a fabulous Saturday. ~Sue

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              • Very true. I feel like my brain wants to veg out. In fact it already is.. I went to the gas station and bought a couple of things this morning and had to be reminded to take my bag of goodies. Oops. I am a tad bit distracted or I should I say a lot. I have a lot of decisions to make and things to do. Yikes… I think this has made my brain want to go away. I need to stay here. I am better but there is and will always be daily battles. I am just trying to stay focused on the positive as long as I can and appreciate the good.

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                  • I think so too. Sometimes our minds do need a rest. I might rest my mind today. I will try. Not that I am happy you do what I do but it helps to know I am not alone. Yeah, I was really not there this morning. I needed coffee and that was the main reason I was there. Brain was still sleeping. The guy behind me said. Making a donation? I thought that was funny. Embarrassing, but he had jokes. lol


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