💤 April 24, 2018: Chewing & Spewing (Guided Sleep Meditation Videos) 💤

Insomnia | Can't sleep | So tired | Close your eyes | Need to sleep | Counting sheep | Time for bed | Animal humor | Long day | Longer night! Having a bit of Insomnia? Hope you won't need this team tonight! Here's to sleeping eventually!! Good Night, friends.


Good Morning, My Dear Friends and how are you today?  Is it Spring like near you yet?  We are finally getting the weather that we craved here in New Jersey.  At least it’s been hitting the mid 60’s and sunny for the last couple of days.  But, because I said that, we are due for more rain tomorrow.  Damn it!  “April Showers bring May flowers”, right?  At least my indoor plants have perked up with the sun shining through the windows.  Yay!

So, as some of you know, I’ve been kicked in the ass again with my insomnia.  I did some more searching for other videos for guided sleep meditation, and I’m glad I did.  I came across another one yesterday in between my day of cleaning.  (Note:  Not the brightest thing to do while trying to clean, and search a guided sleep video, but I was multi-tasking).  LOL!  To say the least, I was more than tired after I was done cleaning my bedroom, bath, and fishbowl.  Hell, who am I kidding, I was just plain tired before I even began that nonsense.  After nights of not being able to fall asleep, and/or stay there, I was shot but, I wanted to still see if there was another video out there that might do the trick.

Eureka!  Michael Sealey (https://michael-sealey.dcdcart,com/ca…) was the answer for me last evening.  I don’t even think I had listened to it entirely because I was out cold until I had to get up this morning.  Sweet!  So, naturally, I wanted to share this video with you fine folks too.

Michael’s voice is calming and soothing, and the back round sounds are so serene, I can’t even begin to tell you how relaxed I was when I was listening to this.  It is recommended to use earphones while listening to any of the meditation’s that are suggested.  I simply downloaded it on to my phone, and off to “Never Never Land”   I drifted to sleep.  

Anywho, that is all that I have to share with you fine people today.  If you or someone you know suffers from insomnia and/or other sleep disorders, please share this with them too.  It feels good to have finally slept an entire evening.  

Have a great day!

Take Care & God Bless,



  1. I am still having trouble sleeping as well. My pdoc gave me some medication for sleep but I did not like it because it made me too drowsy during the day. I know maybe I could get used to it… maybe, but I have a lot of living to do during the day. So I am still working on trying to sleep the natural way. I am going to listen to your video and give that a try. Thank you for you the info. I am going to listen to it tonight. Thank you. I hope it helps because I need all the help I can get. Have happy dreams. Love, Sue zzzzzzzzz……

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