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REBLOG: Great piece posted by Ashley of “Mental Health @ Home” – I love the questions and answers provided. Thanks for sharing Ashley. 🙂

Mental Health @ Home

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I did a post a while back Gems of Ignorance From Quora with some of the frighteningly ignorant questions asked by people on Quora, a sort of free-for-all website where people can post and answer questions.  Here are some more tidbits I’ve come across.

Some people seem to have a genuine interest in gaining some understanding mental illness.  Some questions I’ve seen that reassured me that not everyone has their head stuck up where the sun doesn’t shine:

  • Can you be depressed without being sad?
  • How do you know the difference between drug-induced psychosis or psychosis from something else?
  • When a depressed person starts taking antidepressants, does he/she start feeling happy or just “not sad”?
  • What does it feel like to have depression or  bipolar disorder?
  • What’s the difference between feeling depressed and having depression?
  • How do people with schizophrenia tell apart real sights/sounds from fake ones?

Other times…

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