😴 Sleep Meditation (For Insomniacs)


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Good Afternoon my Friends!  How was your weekend?  Welcome to Monday, and let’s see if we can start Monday off on the right foot.

I’m not going to beat around the bush and be vague about why I started off late today with posting my “Quote of The Day”, I woke up extremely late this morning because of my insomnia kicking my buttocks yet, again.  In fact, the last four nights have been pretty rough trying to get to sleep.  However, last night after watching a marathon of back to back episodes of the “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix, I couldn’t take it anymore.  

I turned off my beloved Netflix and began looking up different meditation videos for insomnia.  Some of which, well… we’re not all that good, or I would have reported back, “Hey, guys.  I had a great nights sleep.”  However, I did finally come across one in particular that I saved, because it did do the trick.  “Thank God!”  

So, tonight, if I have difficulties in falling asleep again, I will be tuning into the following meditation video for assistance.  I hope it helps you too.  That’s not to say that a simple meditation video is going to knock you out.  You have to still avoid caffeine, sugary foods, and overstimulating Netflix marathon watching, video games, etc…  


Jason Stephenson has many different guided meditations for just about anything you might be interested in.  This one finally saved me last night.  He has a very soothing voice, along with the music in the back round, I finally drifted away.  I highly recommend tuning into this guided meditation if you suffer from insomnia or any other type of sleep disorder.

I do hope you have a wonderful start to your brand new week!

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 😴

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