💚 Placid Heart 💚

Image result for pictures of fields with flowers


A butterfly perches itself on petals of a flower,

the squirrels teasing each other hour after hour.

Birds swooping down from periwinkle skies

suns bright beams poke through clouds so high;

Draping the scene like a tear when you cry.

Feeling placid watching trees vigorously sway,

with winds blowing them every which way.

I feel serene listening to authentic sounds around me;

natures mystical symphony all in harmony,

dancing within my soul.

Musically perfect, not a note out of tune,

Redwing Blackbirds sing to sooth.

I feel tranquility watching the flowers bloom

with every petal unique and perfectly groomed.

I feel joy with noticing all life’s little treasures,

With gazing eyes, they soak in all the pleasures.

I lay in a meadow, my heart is at peace,

as the sounds of geese increase overhead.


via Daily Prompt: Authentic

[Picture courtesy of Google Images]


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